09/12/2012 19:50

Mr. Christopher Nallarasu for passing NET and SET Exams and all the Best for pH.d.,

Mrs. S. Vimala Devi, Assistant Professor in Commerce, for Passing SET

Rev.Fr. Dr.John Peter, HOD & Assistant Professor in MSW, for the Ph.D

Dr. Ravitej, HOD & Assistant Professor in BBA, for the Ph.D

Mr. Jegadeeswaran,Assistant Professor in Corp. Secretaryship for passing NET

Mrs. R. Sathya, lecturer in Vis.Com.,  passed SET Examinations.

Mr. Manojkumar, Lecturer in BBA,  passed NET Examinations

Mr. G. Aravind,HOD, DEPT. OF VIS. COM.,  passed NET Examinations

Mr. S. Srinivasan, HOD, DEPT. OF COMMERCE, Submitted Ph.d. Synopsis succeessfully



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