1.      Meetings of Executive committee of SWA is to be conducted in the First week of every month

2.      Meetings of General Body may be conducted once in 3 months in a year.

3.      Notice of General Body Meeting may be before 2 weeks and reminder of such meeting may be given the previous day.

4.      Budget, Receipts and payments, Income and Expenditure Account till the time of meeting to be discussed and presented to the members.

5.      To make or amend the bye-laws with special resolutions (75% of the total members (including absentees) should agree.

6.      Personal differences are not to be discussed in the General Body Meetings

7.      Individual grievances’ can be presented to OMBUDSMAN(Grievances’ Redressal Committee)

8.      Common Agenda (Problems/suggestion /benefits) are to be discussed in the meeting.

9.      After the completion of   every Financial year (31st March), Income and Expenditure A/C, Receipt and Payment A/C, Individual Balance account and Loan Account are to be presented in the Annual General Body Meeting. Copies of the A/C may be given to the Executive Members; they may represent it to the Department.




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